Squibbler is a UK-based publishing company focused on creating engaging content across digital and print platforms.

Our small but mighty team has a passion for writing and producing stories that inform, entertain, and inspire audiences. Established in 2021, Squibbler has quickly grown into a diverse publishing business. On the digital side, we research, write, and curate content for our portfolio of websites and blogs. Covering everything from history and pop culture to lifestyle topics, our sites provide readers with quality articles, listicles, interviews, and more.

In print, Squibbler publishes books and magazines that delve deep into niche interests and fascinating slices of life. We partner with talented writers and creators to produce publications celebrating arts, culture, biography, and visual arts. Across all our publishing endeavours, Squibbler adheres to high editorial standards, strives for creativity, and remains dedicated to connecting with readers.

Our goal is to keep growing our platforms and titles to become a leading voice in publishing.


Definitive Decades is an online publication exploring the history, culture, music, fashion, politics, and sporting moments that defined generations in Britain from the 1960s to the 1980s. It serves as an entertaining and educational destination for those looking to revisit or discover for the first time the fascinating historical context behind today’s pop culture landscape.

English Sleuth

At English Sleuth, we believe there’s a detective in every language learner. Our innovative online platform empowers students to uncover the mysteries of English through engaging, interactive activities. We provide a suite of self-guided lessons, games, and tools to build grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency. English Sleuth takes a 21st-century approach to education – personalized, adaptive, and fun.

World of Mai

World of Mai is a fun and immersive experience that was made with young English users and language learners in mind. The carefully chosen words and easy-to-understand language make sure that young minds can understand the beauty of the story and improve their English skills at the same time. 

D C Maher

I write contemporary fiction stories and novels that explore themes of family, relationships, self-discovery, and overcoming adversity. My contemporary fiction features complex characters and thought-provoking narratives.

Historical Online Directory

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David Maher

Fantasy thriller novels are full of imagination, adventure, and suspense. My fantasy thrillers immerse readers in magical worlds and exciting plots.

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